The professional co-working spaces of MC-SQUARE Leuven & Diegem are strategically located and easily accessible by both car and public transport. Our co-working formulas are the ideal solution for people or companies who don’t need a permanent fixed workplace. As a co-worker you enjoy a professional workplace equipped with high-speed internet and delicious coffee. Our co-working spaces are the ideal base for start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Surrounded by professionals from different sectors, you work in an inspiring environment and at the same time you get the chance to build a nice network. Seasoned freelancers, self-employed and home workers also find the perfect place to do their work at MC-SQUARE, without unnecessary distractions.

Our co-working formulas

Our co-working spaces are fully equipped, so you only need to focus on your work. The MC-SQUARE business centers in Leuven and Brussels are available 24/7, so you can reach us throughout the day and night. If you wish, we provide a phone number with voicemail service connected to an MC-SQUARE office. In addition, you can register your correspondence and domicile address with us. All rooms in the business centers are fully equipped with high speed internet, allowing you to co-work on fully wireless and secure internet. The coffee corner has a wide range of hot drinks, such as coffee, tea and soup. When you have visitors, they are welcomed professionally by our receptionists. In short, the MC-SQUARE co-working spaces are taken care of down to the last detail, to provide you with the perfect working experience.

AccesUnlimited use
Diegem & Leuven
Unlimited use
10 days a month
during office hours
Phone number with voice mailbox
Mail handling & domicile
Fast & secure
wireless internet
Reception services
for you and your visitors
Hot beverages
(coffee, tea and soup)
Print, copy, and fax servicePayingPayingPaying
One-time installation cost95€95€95€

** 85 euros for the 2nd user from the same company



More information

Do the co-working formulas appeal to you? Then you can easily register with MC-SQUARE via the offer button. If you prefer more information or want to plan a visit to a business center, you can always contact us by phone or fill in the online form.

If you’re not completely convinced by our formulas, you can request a customized quote from us. Together we will see how we can help you further in your search for the perfect co-working space.

The MC-SQUARE co-working spaces are located in Brussels (Diegem) and Leuven. MC-SQUARE Brussels is close to the station of Zaventem and is easily accessible by car. MC-SQUARE Leuven is also centrally located at the ring road of Leuven. The location is easy to reach by public transport or by car.