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You do not have to be an existing customer of MC-SQUARE to use our meeting rooms and/or auditorium.

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A wide range of meeting options at our various locations in Leuven, Diegem, Ghent and Mechelen.

These rooms are suitable for all your interviews, meetings, trainings and conferences. Meet in style and comfort at 1 of the 4 beautiful MC-SQUARE locations with a capacity of 2 to 195 people. The various meeting rooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment, high-speed wireless internet, flipchart, whiteboard, notepads and writing materials. On-site catering options can be discussed per location upon request.

Rent a meeting room in Leuven

max. capacity Price per 1 hour Price per 4 hours Price per 8 hours
Stockholm 5 35€ 120€ 240€
Havana 6 40€ 140€ 280€
Lisbon 14 45€ 160€ 320€
Toronto 12 50€ 175€ 350€
Auditorium 195 / 650€ 900€

Rent a meeting room in Diegem

max. capacity Price per 1 hour Price per 4 hours Price per 8 hours
Dirac 3 30€ 100€ 200€
Maxwell 3 30€ 100€ 200€
Newton 8 45€ 150€ 300€
Einstein 12 50€ 175€ 350€

Vergaderruimte huren in Mechelen

Max. capaciteit Prijs per 1 uur Prijs per 4 uur Prijs per 8 uur
Mondriaan 8 30€ 100€ 200€
Athens 4 35€ 105€ 210€
Oslo 4 25€ 80€ 160€
Prague 4 25€ 80€ 160€
Helsinki 8 45€ 135€ 270€
Copenhagen 8 45€ 135€ 270€
Dublin 10 50€ 150€ 300€
Madrid 10 50€ 150€ 300€
Berlin 12 60€ 180€ 360€
Brussels 14 65€ 195€ 390€
Rome 19 65€ 195€ 390€
Amsterdam 26 80€ 240€ 480€
Combi (Amsterdam & Brussels) 34 150€ 450€ 750€

Rent a meeting room in Ghent

max. capacity Price per 1 hour Price per 4 hours Price per 8 hours
Tokio 8 50€ 175€ 350€
Sydney 6 30€ 100€ 200€
Dubai 8 40€ 140€ 260€
London 19 50€ 175€ 350€
New York 20 60€ 220€ 420€

Is renting a private office space more for you?

Work in your own permanent office and keep the peace, while still being part of a community of fellow entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies such as Playmobil, Securex, Weleda and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions
Meeting rooms for rent

If you do not find an answer to your questions below, please talk to us via the chat function or contact us at the relevant telephone numbers.

Our prime locations are all easily accessible by both public transportion and car. They are located near a highway or near a frequently serviced public transportation stop. 

Your mail is sorted daily and delivered to the office. You can requested to have your mail, registered lettres and packages franked and sent.

Your phone calls are handled in a professional manner in different languages and according to your wishes.

Your visitors will be warmly welcomed in a cozy reception area and escorted to your office or meeting space.

You can get sandwiches, salads or hot dishes in the restaurant.

A wide range of catering options such as breakfast formulas, cold and hot dishes, sandwich lunch can be provided by the reception.

We always go for a functional, homely and modern style where you will feel right at home.

The different locations each have their own character. The authenticity of all our locations speak for themselves.

On top of that, our trademark is a conflux of ergonomics and design to create homely convenience.

We like to create together with you so we can find the right office solution for you at any time.

The buildings are always equipped with a high-end security system, under continuous video surveillance and always accessible to you as an MC. If you have a badge you can access your office 24/7 so you can work at your convenience.

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