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Feeling at home is our number one priority. When you need a moment of rest, our lounge corners are here to take care of you. We want to make everything as easy as possible for you. At MC-SQUARE you can focus on what you believe is important for your business. We welcome your visitors with a warm smile. 
Arrive in an office that feels just like home.

Zithoek detail MC-SQUARE Leuven

Meet The Team

We take care of everything so you can have more time & energy to focus on your business.


Carl Stevens

Carl takes care of the management of the different MC-SQUARE centers as well as the sales and marketing strategy.

Always acting in a goal-oriented manner with an eye for detail is what he's known for. Nothing escapes his scrutinizing eye, so everything is always in perfect order.

In his spare time he can be found on his racing bike or on the tennis court. Otherwise he is supporting for his children who are trying to win a place on the Jumping stage.


Richard van der Linden

Richard is the driving force behind the business strategies, analyses as well as the various accounting follow up of the different MC-SQUARE centers.

Richard is all about good vibes and has a warm heart for others. There are not many destinations on the world map that are still a secret to Richard. He likes to travel and have a nice dinner, preferably both in good company. Also if you need any advice about wine, ask Richard!

Operations Manager

Christophe Stevens

Christophe is a real problem solver, has a hands on mentality and is always available to our customers.

Did you know that he lived in Toronto, Canada for 7 years and started up a successful waffle business there!

In his free time, he enjoys traveling with friends, having a drink in a nice bar, and in the winter he likes to be on the slopes.

Office Manager Mechelen

Nadine Vanden Broeck

Nadine is the cheerful face behind the reception at MC-SQUARE Mechelen.

Her cheerfulness is contagious, she will always go the extra mile to help each customer.

In her spare time you can find her on the dance floor! As soon as there is music playing there is no escape from Nadine's dancing moves.

She dances; Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata like no other.

Hospitality Assistant Mechelen

Glenn Lenaerts

Meet Glenn, with his positive attitude and infectious smile, he always creates a great atmosphere.
In his free time, you often see Glenn on the football field, as he is a true lover of this sport.
What you may not know is that Glenn worked in the hospitality industry for many years. He learned a lot about customer service and teamwork in this role, which helped him further develop his social skills. Working in this environment also taught him how to perform under pressure and remain calm, even during the busiest moments.

Office Manager Diegem

Leen Van Hyfte​

You can enjoy Leen's enthusiasm at MC-SQUARE Diegem.

Her independence, customer care and efficiency are what she's known for.In her spare time she enjoys going on adventures or going out to dinner with friends.

You will find her behind the scenes of a number of Belgian festivals during the summer months. Leen loves children and is often called the baby whisperer by friends. In addition to her job as office manager, she is nanny to Odil and Maurice during the week.

Office Manager Diegem

Sarha Giglia

Meet Sarha at MC-SQUARE DIEGEM reception. Sarha is a joung mum of 25 years. She is Nahel’s mother, a boy of 6 years old. Italian and Morrocan, she loves the diversity and the culture of different countries .

Dynamic, patient , and always happy, she will always advice you the best she can. She speaks French, Italian and English.

She loves travelling. She is a real globe trotter! She is addicted to clothes too. Don’t hesitate to ask her about shopping advice!

Office / Event Manager Leuven

Brend Borremans

Meet Brend, a dedicated team player who does his job at MC-SQUARE in Leuven with heart and soul.

In addition to his professional dedication, Brend brings a sporting flair to his life, with passions including ice hockey and jet skiing.

Outside the office walls you will find him enjoying the sun, the sea and the beach. Discover more about Brend, where work ethic and a love of adventure come together in a unique balance.

Office Manager Leuven

Dragana Kosanovic

Dragana with Croatian roots is our creative jack-of-all-trades from Leuven.

For example, she stands her ground on an administrative level, but at the same time she has enormous talent in designing graphic content.

Her smile and humor is contagious, making the space feel warm wherever she goes. In her free time she also enjoys Comic Con, creating content and exploring cities on a city trip. She really enjoys a nice coffee and the company of her 2 crazy cats Lucy and Eddie.

Office Manager Gent

Magali Dewan

Magali is a perfectionist, and is always cheerful in the workplace, She is very social and does her work with heart and soul.

Magali has operated a catering business for several years where she has served her customers with passion,

on the weekend you will find Magali on horseback or in a nice playground with her son.

Furthermore, she has already seen half of the world, likes to travel, and enjoys life. Not to forget: Always in the mood for great food.

Zithoek detail MC-SQUARE Leuven

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